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Find more balance in life...


Take a deep breath and let Tendto help you relax.

Transfer your high-rate debt to a Tendto Mastercard® from now through June 30, 2020 and enjoy a 0% introductory APR* for six billing cycles. Standard APRs ranging from 6.99% - 15.99%, based on credit worthiness and card type, will apply after the intro period.

Heighten your sense of calm with:

  • Low Rates
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Balance Transfer or Cash Advance Fees

If you don't have a Tendto Mastercard® yet, apply today and transfer your balances for our introductory low rate. Already have our card? Transfer your balances fee free and enjoy this special rate on your transferred balances.

Find more balance in life – and less on your credit card. Apply today.


*Must join Tendto Credit Union or already be a member in good standing. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The 0% Introductory APR for balance transfers will apply to transactions posted to your account from 01/01/2020 until 06/30/2020 from another lender. Any existing balances on Tendto Credit Union loan or credit card accounts are not eligible for the Introductory APR for balance transfers. The Introductory APR will remain in effect for six (6) billing cycles, after that your APR will be 6.99% to 15.99% APR, based on your creditworthiness and card type. Balance transfers are treated as a Purchase and are subject to periodic finance charges, but they are not subject to an additional balance transfer fee. There is a grace period for balance transfers. By requesting a balance transfer, you understand that you may lose current and future grace periods for new purchases if the entire statement balance is not paid, including the total amount subject to the promotional APR, by the payment due date. Tendto reserves the right to decline any balance transfer request. The APR for Purchases and Cash Advances is 6.99% to 15.99%, based on your creditworthiness and card type. All other terms and conditions will apply in accordance with our current Mastercard® credit card agreement. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Subject to lending guidelines. Certain restrictions and conditions may apply.