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Financial Education


At Tendto, we tend to do everything we can to help make your financial dreams come true. We understand that managing your finances can be an overwhelming task and we want to help you make sense of it all.

Financial Education for Youth and Teens

  • Visit the M3 Money Club (0 - 12 years old) website. It's filled with fun and educational tools to bring financial education into the home.
  • Visit the Elements of Money™ (13 - 17 years old) website for real world financial resources about the products and services teens need.

Financial Education for Everyone

  • Visit MyCreditUnion.gov. Here you will find general information about credit unions, financial tools and resources, fraud prevention tips, frequently asked questions and much more.
  • Visit Pocket Cents, a microsite of MyCreditUnion.gov that includes easy-to-use personal finance information for parents, seniors, students, educators and service members.