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Additional Services


We offer a wide variety of services designed to meet your unique needs and make your daily lives just a little bit easier.

Payroll Deduction

The sky's the limit when you save with payroll deduction. It's easy to set up a payroll deduction to your credit union accounts. This service is great for savings, youth accounts, Christmas Clubs and especially loan payments. Simply call or stop by the credit union to complete a paymaster slip and your deductions will happen automatically with each pay.

Visa® Gift Cards

Tired of searching for the perfect gift? Our Visa® Gift Cards are the sure-to-please gift for any occasion. Choose any denomination from $10 to $1,000 - your gift card can be used anywhere Visa® Debit Cards are accepted.

Money Orders

Money Orders are available in any amount up to $1,000.

Wire Transfers

Tendto Credit Union offers wire transfer services for inbound and outbound, as well as domestic and international wire transfers.