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Security Warning

You are about to enter a restricted area open only to authorized credit union members. Unauthorized access to Tendto Credit Union systems is strictly prohibited and all violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All Tendto Credit Union systems are logged and monitored for potential abuse.

Security Advisory for Members Using Online Banking/Bill Pay

Tendto Credit Union can only take steps to establish a secure, encrypted connection once you log-in. To help protect the information that you enter into your computer’s browser we highly recommend that you install the following security software on your personal computer (PC):

Access by Wired Home Computer: A current anti-virus/anti-spyware scanning program, a current patched operating system, and a secure, patched browser program. The Windows firewall should be activated, or another software firewall should be on the computer along with Intrusion Prevention or Intrusion Detection.

Access by Wireless Home Network: All of the security measures applicable to the wired home computers plus the wireless router should have strong password protection, and it is recommended the wireless network have at least WPA or WPA-2 PSK encryption rather than WEP encryption.

Also, please be aware that using public access computers (e.g., at hotels, libraries, etc) to access your account can be a potential risk due to the unknown state that these computers may be in.

In addition, the credit union stresses the importance of using strong passwords that contain a variation of upper and lowercase characters with the use of special characters. This will make your password harder to guess and make it harder for an attacker to use standard password matching software to attempt unauthorized access to your account. Also, please remember that credit union employees will never ask you for your password information and that this information should never be shared.