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Our M3 Money Club combines a kids’ savings account with fun and educational tools. With M3, parents have a new and fun way to bring financial education into the home. M3 introduces young members to an exciting world where superheroes rule and learning about money is cool.

M3 Money Club

M3 members receive:

  • An M3 membership card. Your child will feel proud carrying his or her very own M3 membership card.Cash
  • The M3 newsletter. Your child will have access to a quarterly newsletter filled with games, activities and humor — all focused on teaching valuable lessons about money.Violet
  • Access to the M3 website. M3 members receive an “all access pass” to the M3 website, designed to foster creativity and enhance learning through an interactive experience. The site features a kid’s podcast and stories.
  • Prizes, games and contests. Tendto Credit Union offers special events and prizes throughout the year. Your child will receive a piggy bank when they open their account and an M3 Rewards Card to earn cool prizes. They will also get a special birthday card and a bonus $5 birthday gift!
  • Learn to save. M3 members can open a 1-year Share Certificate with just $100. They can make additional deposits in increments of $25 and there is no penalty for early withdrawal.

And, they’ll have their very own savings account so they can “earn while they learn.™”

As an M3 parent, you’ll receive:

  • Access to the M3 parents’ website. Join the M3 parent community online.
  • Special offers. Be on the lookout for specials on family products and services.
  • Quarterly statement of your child’s account. You and your child can track his or her savings.

Help your child learn valuable money lessons that will last a lifetime. Open an M3 account today!